Company Information

Who is Exustar?
Exustar is one of the foremost product development-driven companies in the bicycle industry. We specialize in the development and production of cycling shoes, pedals and a wide range of cycling accessories.

How do you pronounce Exustar?
Exus, the first part, rhymes with Texas. The whole word is pronounced with two s's – exus-star.


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How long has Exustar been in business?
We started out as Exus in 1993, and have been in business ever since. We relaunched the brand as Exustar in 2002.

Is Exustar the same as Exus?
No it is not. Exus was the high-end brand of cycling products launched by VP Components in 1993. Later it became a subsidiary of VP, Exus Enterprises. In 2002 the management of Exus purchased the cycling shoe division of the business from VP Components and began trading under the name Exustar Enterprise. Now all our products are sold under the Exustar name.

Can I buy from Exustar on-line?
Exustar does not sell directly to the public. Contact a distributor in your region for the name of an Exustar dealer near you.

Can I buy spare parts directly from Exustar? 
Your first step should be to contact an Exustar dealer for service or spare parts information. If your dealer cannot assist you, you can contact the Exustar distributor in your region. As a last resort, you can contact us directly. We have a limited range of spare parts available for some of our products.

Are you looking for distributors for Exustar products?
Yes, in some markets we are seeking suitable firms to help us distribute our products. We already have exclusive distributors in some markets–check here for current distributors.