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Are Exustar's EPS-R cleats compatible with Look Keo Pedals?

Some Exustar cleats are compatible, some are not. Look's Keo pedal range has become more varied. Always choose replacement cleats carefully to ensure compatibility. Using incompatible cleats is potentially dangerous.


Compatibility Guide:

EPS-R Look Keo-style cleats are compatible with all Look Keo pedals, including Blade and Blade Carbon.

EPS-R Look Keo-style Wide Beam cleats are incompatible with Look Keo Blade Carbon pedals.


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Why am I having problems attaching SPD cleats to Exustar road shoes? (models E-SR412, E-SR422W, E-SR432)
Due to a special sole design, SPD cleat bolts are too short for these shoes. To remedy this, we supply longer (12.5mm) bolts with these shoes. Replace standard cleat bolts with the Exustar bolts supplied with your shoes, and attach as per instructions. This issue applies only to the models listed above.