Electric Bike Action Test Rides Exustar Pedals

Image: Electric Bike Action

Electric Bike Action magazine tested and reviewed Exustar's E-PM825 mountain bike pedals. They began by saying, "We have tested a few of Exustar’s clipless pedals over the years with good results."

Here is some highlights of the review:

"Riders looking for a slightly more affordable pedal for lightweight 

trail riding … will be pleased with the E-PM825."

"Good platform support."

"Quick engagement with the cleats."

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Product Info

Exustar E-PM825 pedals have and aluminum body and an engineering thermoplastic platform. They feature a pop-up binding for easy cleat engagement. The pedals are built on a rigid, smooth running mechanism consisting of a Cr-Mo axle and a slimline dual bearing system.

Pedals are compatible with Exustar two bolt shoes, and other two bolt hole shoes.

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